Who Do We Serve

We are an institutional partner for professionals.
Our Clients are Financial Advisors,
External Asset Managers and Funds.

We make our experience and innovative strength available to External Asset Managers, thus creating an institutional partnership between professionals. There are no conflicts of interest.

Increasing the Value

We adopt an independent, flexible and versatile approach, bringing together all of our expertise for you so that you can concentrate on your clients. Coupled with our short decision-making processes, this adds value for you and your clients.

Decisions with Confidence

Our heritage of integrity enables our customers to make critical decisions with confidence while our best-in-class data and cutting-edge technologies enable greater opportunity.


How we get compensated

Our clearly focused services make us an ideal partner for external asset managers, and we do participate on the outcome of our recommendations by an innovative remuneration plan.

You can fully devote your time and efforts to your clients.

GHI serves as your contact and sounding board for all questions relating to investments, and we are on hand to support you throughout the investment process and efficient as possible so that you can devote your efforts to your clients.

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