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For our institutional clients, we seek to generate high quality investment and ideas through our fundamental approach to research in our chosen areas of expertise to clients in the UK and Europe is the heart of the firm and its genesis.

With a global network, we strive to consistently exceed expectations to achieve our client’s targeted outcomes.

GHI equity research analysts are responsible for producing analysis, recommendations, and research reports on investment opportunities that Financial Advisors, External Asset Managers and Funds may be interested in.

GHI Network of Equity Researcher are a group of sector specific analysts and research professionals dedicated to one mission: Finding profitable investment opportunities for our clients. The main purpose of equity research is to provide investors with detailed financial analysis and recommendations on whether to buy, hold, or sell a particular investment.


GHI Network of a wide range of Equity Researcher pools together the wide-ranging expertise of proven industry and financial sector specialists. Based on fundamental analysis, and focusing on results, we assess companies in all the relevant sectors in Europe and Worldwide, using our findings to support our clients in their investment decisions.

We concentrate on in-depth analysis of individual companies and sectors, and keep close track of corporate news and all the relevant economic developments. GHI valuations are based first and foremost on discounted cash flow models, in addition to which we also use sophisticated relative valuation approaches, including some proprietary solutions and other proven methods.

As our client, you have access to all our knowledge and findings in your one-to-one discussions with us.

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Our Equity Research

GHI is a full-scope provider of equity research. Integrating fundamental bottom-up research with a coherent top-down view, we deliver in-depth analysis, trading ideas.

Our Research Insights takes in addition to the classical approach, also advantage of the rapid increasing data availability by using web scraping and other data collection methods in conjunction with big data analytics including machine learning.

We are event driven.

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